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Professor Jay Winter

Remembering and Forgetting War

On Remembrance Day 2015, ‘World War One: A history in 100 stories’, written by Monash University historians Professor Bruce Scates, Rebecca Wheatley and Laura James, was launched to a... » find out more

History or Hollywood? Solving the mystery of The Water Diviner

Why does the Anzac legend continue to captivate Australians? In the lead up to the Centenary of the Gallipoli landing, Russell Crowe’s feature length movie 'The Water Diviner' was screened in... » find out more

A bold new book

Find out more about the men and women of the One Hundred Stories By popular demand, the stories have been recast as a book. Lavishly illustrated, carefully researched and written in crisp, engaging... » find out more

Trrops march through Melbourne

Resources for the classroom

The 100 Stories project is aligned with Australia’s History Curriculum and canvas a wide range of historical issues. They foster skills at the heart of critical inquiry and offer new empathetic ways... » find out more

The One Hundred Stories: Origin, purpose and musical performance

The One Hundred Stories are a silent digital presentation revisiting the experience of the Great War. Sparse, haunting and often elegiac they are intended to evoke the voices of the past. The stories... » find out more

John Cronan, Marcy Taylor

From Tipperary to Fremantle Station

John Cronan and Marcy Taylor perform 'From Tipperary to Fremantle Station' at the launch of 100 Stories. Bruce Scates provides an introduction, explaining how a poignant relic from a fallen digger... » find out more